Victoria + Michael Newcastle City Centre

When your ex photography teacher calls you and asks if you would like to photograph her wedding it feels really special. How lovely that she chose me from all of her super talented students.  When Vicki told me she was getting married my diary was already extremely busy that week, I had four weddings booked already. Is it possible that I could do another one in the same week? Hmmmm! Anyway, it was a little bit risky but how could I say no after she told me all about her amazing wedding plans. Her choice of venue and the opportunity to take photos in Newcastle city centre, an old school London bus, the best make up artist in town, a pizza van, a gin bar and so much more. 

I don’t stress when I am shooting someones big day any more, however when you are surrounded by photography teachers who taught you everything you know you do feel a little bit of pressure, but this pressure was good. I was trying to do a really good job as I knew how much she would appreciate it. 

I also need to thank Sara-Jane Smith who stepped in on the day and done an amazing job as my second shooter. It was so lovely to have you around and chat about our wedding photography experiences.

Photographer - Wiesia Bojko Allen 

2nd Photographer - Sara-Jane Smith 

Dress - Justin Alexander Bridal Wish 

Venue - Mining Institute 

Make up - Marta MUA 

Hair Stylist - Katie Keep It Pinned 

Flowers - Lisa Enchanted Flowers

Bus - Henry Cooper coaches

Afternoon Tea - Shirley’s Tea Party hire 

Videographers - Stark Film weddings 

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